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Video 2 - Electric Vehicles

Swap from a petrol or diesel to an EV to save 1.7 tonnes carbon per person per year

Petrol and diesel cars burn fossil fuel. This emits a lot of carbon. If you're looking for a new car, think about getting an EV. And if the purchase price is a turn off, will a secondhand EV meet your needs?

For the average Canberran, driving around town emits almost 2 tonnes of carbon per person per year. You can save 1.7 tonnes each year by swapping to an electric vehicle.

Modern EVs go 300 - 400 kilometres on a full charge. But they're not like old cars - you don't wait to fill up until you're nearly empty! People tend to plug them in whenever they get home and keep them charged that way.

EVs are cheaper to service and there are subsidies in some states. But if you're still struggling with the initial purchase price, what about a secondhand EV? These often have a lower range than the new ones but they're great as a second car or a town car.

I included embedded and tailpipe emissions in this analysis and ran it based on the ACT's 100% renewable electricity. But you'll make big savings in other states, too. Make your next car electric.

Notes and data in 'Notes' section.