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    The Carbon Diet

    Cutting my carbon footprint by 75%,

    one week at a time

  • The world just went on a crash diet.

    Not to count carbs, but carbon.

    We've signed up to the Paris Agreement, which aims to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

    But like so many diets, this one might not stick.

    Australians are the great diet cheats.

    We've got one of the biggest footprints but we've pledged a tiny cut.

    If everyone follows our lead, the world will be in climate chaos.

    Forget about 1% or 5%. I'll cut back by 75%.

    Ride a bike or drive a Tesla? Salad or steak?
    I test a new experiment each week to see what works.

    Don't wait for the future to fix our problems. What's possible today?

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    Lego sculptures about how to cut your carbon footprint.

    Appeared at Art, Not Apart 2019.

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