• The Carbon Diet

    Cutting my carbon footprint by 75%,

    one week at a time

  • The whole world just went on a crash diet.

    Not to count carbs, but carbon.

    In 2015, 195 countries adopted a binding climate deal.
    The Paris Agreement aims to keep global warming to 1.5°C.

    But like so many diets, this one might not stick.

    Australians are the great diet cheats.

    We have one of the highest emission rates in the world, but we've only pledged a 1 tonne cut. The UN says we won't even meet that.

    If everyone follows our lead, the world will warm several degrees.

    Forget about 5%. I'll cut back by 75%.

    Ride a bike or drive a Tesla? Solar or skip dipping? Salad or steak?
    I test a new experiment each week and use carbon accounting to see what works.

    Don't wait for the future to fix our problems. What's possible this week?

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